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Kale, kale, kale

Everybody’s talking about kale, the ultimate superfood americans die for, as it seems to possess extremely powerful nutrients. Everybody wants to have it since celebs as Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston and Gwineth Paltrow declare they couldn’t do less about it.   […]

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You Gotta Eat Here!

John Catucci can be defined as "a funny man who takes his food seriously". Host of the cooking show "You Gotta Eat Here!" for Food Network Canada, John turns Canada and the United States far and wide in search of the secrets of typical dishes, restaurant specialties where we absolutely have to go and eat. In the fifth [...]

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Visionary i-phoneography

iPhoneography is displayed at Trattoria 4 Leoni, as The Most Wanted Visionaries Collection, an extraordinary collection of photographs, all shoot and edited exclusively by iPhone apps. Presented for the first time in Florence during the 1st edition of  FIPA (Florence International Photography Awards, june 2015), the complete collection is now displayed on the ancient walls of the Trattoria 4 [...]

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Una clientela inusuale

Oggi 16 dicembre 2015, dalle 11:30 alle 14, la trattoria ospita i meno fortunati della città per il tradizionale Pranzo della Solidarietà. Ci scusiamo con i clienti per il disagio. In collaborazione con La Ronda della carità e Gli Angeli della città - Florence city angels. Today, December 16th 2015, 11.30AM to 2PM, the restaurant [...]

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Birth of the cool_Sculture di October / photos of Casey Hautzinger

Birth of the cool_Sculture di October / fotografie di Casey Hautzinger. 31 ottobre 2014 - 31 marzo 2015 October Butler (but she simply calls herself 'October'), a New York artist, lives and works in Florence. Convinced that the clay, then cast in bronze, possesses its own energy, the plasma and manipulates it to give life [...]

Birth of the cool_Sculture di October / photos of Casey Hautzinger2019-11-24T19:01:14+01:00


CONTEMPORANEAMENTE. Art, design, craftsmanship and contemporary culture in Via Maggio and the surrounding area. Designed by the Via Maggio Association and now in its fourth edition, the project sees the participation of more than thirty spaces and galleries, with a rich calendar of events that, in an experimental coexistence with the ancient, will reveal the [...]


A ogni piatto il suo vino

A ogni piatto il suo vino. Cena degustazione vini Frescobaldi, martedì 4 marzo 2014. Cinque portate e altrettanti celebri vini dalle cantine dei Marchesi de' Frescobaldi.

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